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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Sea of Emotions

So, where do I begin??  I haven't posted in awhile due to several circumstances.  I spent much time cleaning around the house October 22-23 preparing for a visit from my parents.  I was so excited to see them because it had been several months since our last visit.  Plus, this was our first visit since my parents had moved from Florence, AL, to Imboden, AR.  LLLLOOONNNGGG Way away!!!  Anyway, I was super excited for them to get here and just spend time hanging out and catching up on life.  We were enjoying our visit when I received a very unexpected phone call from my husband on Wednesday afternoon (October 26th).  My heart sank down to my stomach as my husband told me that a dear, sweet friend of ours was very sick.  This friend was not like any other friend, he was more like a grandfather or a very close uncle.  This man was one of those people that you look at in awe because of his wisdom, humility, compassion, forgiving spirit, giving heart, etc. and seriously question yourself..."how can I be more like that?"  He was a walking depiction of everything I believe a Christian should manifest to the world.  His name was Louis E. Cottrell, Jr. and I deeply loved that man!  I got the honor of getting to know him through my husband and his family.  I began dating my husband my senior year of high school and noticed Mr. Louis being around a lot.  He was so much fun!!!  I always loved being around him!!  I loved hearing him laugh...he had the BEST laugh!  And then he would open his mouth to sing and it was like heaven came down and entered the room.  I have so many memories of his sweetness.  Now, I don't have as many memories as my husband, but the ones I do have I will hold onto dearly.  Mr. Louis taught me how to properly cut a steak and how to order it so that it would taste its best.  He provided two very young lovebirds (who were completely broke) an amazing honeymoon adventure and then a place to live (in his basement) for almost five years.  He was always there!!!  And now...he is not!  Mr. Louis passed away from this earth very quickly the morning of October 27th but he will not be forgotten!  As we attended his visitation and funeral arrangements we were reminded of his humble ways.  He had so much to brag about but chose not too.  He truly was a man of honor!  Mr. Louis was a man of respect, integrity, compassion, and love.  I will forever miss him but I bet he is having a blast right now!  I can see him singing, enjoying blending his amazing tenor voice with other beautiful voices in heaven.  I enjoyed my five hour trip back home yesterday listening to funny memories my husband had made over the years with Mr. Louis.  Mr. Louis, my heart can never thank you enough for all you did for me and my family!  I can never thank you enough for the influence you had on me and my husband!  I pray that your laughter, wisdom, humility, compassion, forgiving spirit, and giving heart will be carried on throughout the years by all the people you touched.  We love you Mr. Louis!!!!

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