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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Morning of Nasties

Good Morning from the Horton home!  Well, this has been quite the morning for my crew.  It has been a morning of nasties!  I was awakened way too early by my youngest child.  Now, you tell me, why is it that children can sleep until 9:00 or after during the week but on the weekend they want up at the crack of dawn??  I have yet to figure this out!  I proceeded to put her back in bed with me, hoping she would fall back asleep.  NO!  That didn't happen at all!  By this time three of my four were wide awake and hungry.  So, like I always do, I rolled out of bed and began the cooking process.  As I was getting the eggs, butter, jelly, etc. out of the refrigerator I was reminded of the awful odor I had been smelling for days.  After feeding my four little birdies I decided to tackle the NASTIES, and began cleaning out the frig.  GROSS!!!!  It was the worst ever!  I was bound and determined I was going to finish this project and so I didn't give into the temptation of backing out.  During my cleaning of the frig my youngest kiddo spotted the Trix yogurt and began screaming, "yogurt Mommy....yogurt!"  Knowing she would make the biggest mess ever I gave into her pleas because I knew it would keep her occupied so I could finish cleaning.  After about 30 minutes she was a total mess!  What does any mom do at this point.....you guessed it....throw them in the bathtub.  We happily run off to the tub and she began singing and playing with her toys as the water was running.    Ok...one child happy....wait I hear screaming....my second child comes running through the house telling me about how her neighbor friend won't play her game.  Girl drama!!!  Gotta love it!!  As any wonderful mother of wisdom would say, I answered with, "work it out!  I am not dealing with neighborhood girl drama today!" LOL!!  Now, onto the next task...finish the frig...wait I hear baby yelling at me from the bathroom!  I run to the bathroom and the awful poop in the tub had occurred!  I yank her up and transport her to my bathroom and run back to clean the nasty poop out of the second tub.  GROSS!!!  My head is spinning at this point!!  What next!!  And all of this before 11:00 a.m.  So, how is your Saturday morning going??? :):)  Some of you may ask where my hubby was during all of this.  Saturday is his long run day....today is 30 miles.  We won't see him to almost lunch time....but I am sure he will laugh about my morning and all its drama.  Have a happy Saturday everyone!! 

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  1. Welcome to blogland, my sweet friend!! It'll be so fun to keep up even more with you here:)

    I'm sorry your morning has been so *nasty* and crazy...haha I know exactly what you mean about kids sleeping late every morning EXCEPT Saturday~what is up?!?!

    And speaking of kitchen nasties, I am having dishwasher issues and need to do some serious cleaning in there myself. Ugh. Oh well, now is as good of time as any, right?

    I hope the rest of your day is awesome!
    Love you!