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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Going On Around Here?

This picture is of my youngest daughter, Bethany, but her expression completely explains my emotions today.  I sense she is saying, "What?!!?"  Which is exactly how I have felt today!  Have you ever woke up in a decently good mood but one small, and I mean tiny, thing just sets your mood for the day?  Yeah, that would be me today.  I have prayed, "Lord, please get me out of this bad mood, now!" only about a thousand times today and it's just now 1:00 p.m. 

The day began with someone completely ignoring me....and no, it was not one of my immediate family members.  Then it lead to cleaning up a huge, bad, poop accident that happened to the little 2 year old girl I babysit. This all happened before breakfast....not good!  Well, my two little ones finally woke up and I thought things would get better.  Samuel decided he didn't like the little friend we babysit and Bethany didn't want to share.  So, I became a referee most of the morning.  I decided we would have an early lunch and got out the little blanket we have our "lunch picnic" on everyday.  After getting all of the kids settled on the blanket Samuel yells out, "mom, something is really wet over here!"  Yep, our little friend's cup had leaked all over the carpet.  At this point I am begging God for nap time to come quickly.  Well, nap time finally rolled around and our little friend we babysit went down for her nap like a champ.  However, my child, Bethany got out of her bed about six times before I decided...why try anymore.  I let her and Samuel play with playdough while I folded clothes.  I proceeded down the hallway to put clothes away in there proper places only to turn around and see playdough being stuffed in my 3 year old's ears.  Really??  Playdough was done for the day at this point....up you go playdough!  Ok, let's try a cool cartoon and "rest" time.  LOL!!!  That was a joke!  Samuel comes running around the corner yelling, "I need to go poop!"  So, off we run to the bathroom, and quickly!  Once he is settled I thought I would put away more clothes...then, I hear a crash!  Bethany falls off a old trunk we have sitting in our living room....yes, she decided climbing it would be fun.  Bethany begins to scream and then Samuel starts yelling, "mom, I am done!  I need to get off the potty!"  I find myself looking at a crying 2 year old that wants to be held for comfort and hearing a 3 year old that needs attention...ya know what I mean.;)  I became frustrated!!  Very frustrated!!  The day was not getting any easier, in fact it was getting more difficult!  Then I decided....ya know, this sweet girl just wants to be held...just for a minute.  She wants someone to hold her and tell her it will be ok.  So, I did!  I told Samuel to wait and I took Bethany up in my arms, to love and comfort her.  At this moment I felt the Lord speaking to my heart.  Although I didn't want to make Samuel wait for me....he had too.  You see, I felt like God was saying, "if you are never told to wait...how then will you learn patience?"  In this world today everyone wants gratification and they want it immediately!!!  There are so many lessons learned in the "waiting" that would never be learned if every request were answered immediately.  I wanted God to fix my anger issue immediately this morning.  I didn't like the person I was.  But, ya know, I would have never had that "moment" with God to learn a lesson He was trying to speak to me if He had fixed my problem immediately.  It's ok to wait.  Look what He is trying to teach you during the wait.  And mother's.....it is alright to make your children wait for something....even if it's your attention.  They know they are loved and highly favored in your eyes but they will learn patience just like you during their "waiting".  Happy Waiting!")

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  1. Aww...I'm sorry your day has been so crazy. It does seem like things never happen in *ones* though, does it? ha

    Way to pull a great truth out of the situation though!